I’ve faced a question I didn’t give much thought to: What format should the print be? Soon, I was faced with the reality of how difficult it can actually be to frame a print for reasonable cost! I mean, assuming that‘s what you want to do with photos you’ve purchased, right? Have them framed and on display! I’ve learned my lesson and now offer all of my prints in formats that are standard for off-the-shelf frames available around the world. That makes for very easy and affordable framing. Even then however I was asked a lot about which are the right frames and which are my favorites. I wanted to make it really simple this time around and that’s why I‘ve put together a few mock ups for you to see.

What an exciting moment! You’ve picked your favorite photos, waited patiently for them to arrive and now they’re finally here! What should you do to best take care of them?

For the maximum protection of your art, the product cloud be shipped rolled in cardboard tubes or flat packages. To remove the print from the cardboard tube, simply remove the cap and gently slide the print out. They should not be forced out. Doing so may damage the print.

Once the print is removed from the cardboard tube, find a large, flat surface to uncurl them. The surface should be clean and clear of debris to prevent any damage to the print.

Place heavy objects on each corner of the print and allow it to sit overnight.

If you’re just too anxious to get the photo flattened out, you can use the cardboard shipping tube to uncurl the print. To do this, simply wrap the poster around the cardboard tube in the opposite direction of the original curl. To maximize the effectiveness of this process, wrap some rubber bands around the ends of your poster.

If you choose to use rubber bands when uncurling your poster, please be aware that wrapping the rubber bands too tightly around the poster could potentially damage your artwork. Please be careful if you elect to use this method.

Once your photo is uncurled, you can frame it and put it up in your space!

If for some reason you need to store your print, we strongly recommend that you store it flat, as leaving your poster curled in the tube for extended periods of time could produce undesirable results.

Given the proper care and should offer a lifetime of enjoyment.

IKEA RIBBA black in 50x50cm with Matte 30x30cm print
IKEA RIBBA black with 23x23cm print and Matte 13x13cm print