hourly Rate

If you need to hire a photographer, a custom photo, this is the section for you.
FROM €60
How much?

The pricing is based on time I spend preparing. I can either shoot in my studio, or travel with my gear to your destination.

Small projects – ones involving little logistics, etc. start at 60 Eur. Pricing then depends on the amount of work required.

Large projects – ones that require photograph from scratch can be anywhere from 200-600 Eur. The price involves hours of thorough research for resource and days of work on the actual subject.

Final price is always discussed upfront with customer upon seeing photographs or reviewing provided specifications.

How Long?

I do these on the side only and found it’s best for me to write down everyone on a wait list, without any deposits and get back to you as soon as I can to check if we’re still on track.

Please beware though – the wait list itself could be long, and it’s not uncommon that it’s going to take a few weeks to get to the actual shooting.

Once we get to it, the process is fairly straight forward. We start with locking down the specs of the work and being provided high quality samples helps here. I then start with my own research and working, sending you samples along the way and asking for your feedback. It‘s important that you‘re happy with the details. Once the final preview and prints has been approved we lock in the delivery address, payment and the print is soon on it’s way to you!